Betan Lifestyle - Bring your vacay at home.


About us
- Oriental aesthetics combined with practical design
Our inspiration comes from Asia: Indonesia, Singapore, China, Thailand, Japan ... By combining rattan and bamboo with knitted art we want to offer you a relaxing holiday mood in your home, keep you away from everyday stress and create an ideal atmosphere for yoga, meditating, bathing or reading ...
- Pure handmade
What we sell is no way near commercial, but works of art made by hand and with design. Each piece has its own story, varying from details. They can be created by a lovely old lady in Vietnam or a shop at Seminyak Beach in Bali. Purely handmade and free from chemicals, just like you bought it on vacation. We collect them and bring them to your home.
- From home decor to lifestyle
Our product line is divided into three sections: Yoga & Meditation, Plant Paradise and Vacay Mode. Each has its own character and its own function. Together, they show you a whole new attitude to life: Tension is who you think you should be. Relaxation is who you are.